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Symbiosis - Galina Romanova and Aneta Mankovska - Art Gallery,
15 July, 18.00 


Съвместна изложба на Галина Романова  / икони/ и Анета Манковска  /рисунка върху керамика/

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     Balchik is a small seaside town in Northern Bulgaria which combines the romance of its steep streets with the beauty of the sea. For a long time it has been known as the White Town for the mainly white colour of its lime rocks.    Balchik has a 21 centuries history and has preserved traces of many cultures. All that can be seen in the Historical museum situated in the town centre.

    The nearest big towns are Varna /40 km/ and Dobrich /35 km/. Albena, one of the biggest Bulgarian resorts is only 10 km away. There is regular bus transport to them. On the north /35 km/ the furthest eastern point of Bulgaria - cape Kaliakra juts out deep into the sea.

    The present guide is the first one aiming at helping people that don’t tknow Balchik to learn more about it and be able to easily find the right place to stay, eat and go out. Here you will find useful pieces of advice that will help you find your way if you don’t know the town.  The site is updated daily and is the only one aiming at collecting noncommercial information about all hotels, restaurants, rooms and villas to let, institutions, museums, banks etc. 


Botanical garden





Restaurant Veroni

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